Language runtime framework designed to empower developers devise modern and novel programming language features.

coreVM is a language-agnostic programming language runtime framework, designed with versatile interfaces and modern runtime functionalities to unfetter language developers from the burden of creating their own. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, developers can focus better on the design and implementation of core language features. coreVM strives to meet the demands of programming languages of diverse types through the following:

High-level Instruction Set

A high-level instruction set that can broadly cover fundamental and advanced language features.

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Abstract Language Representation

An abstract language representation that can capture both high-level and low-level language constructs.

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Extensible Architecture and APIs

A well thought and extensible architecture, and a set of APIs for customizations, extensions, and optimizations.

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The points above together illustrate the project's core vision that it strives to be a powerful platform that can envision and enpower developers devise modern programming languages. Hopefully, as the project evolves, it will help guide language developers devise novel language designs and features that can shape the next generation of computing.

To learn more, check out the project's documentation here and view the annotated source code here.

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